Within Power Plant Mall there’s a small section of shops featuring local designers.

Check for it nestled into a corner.

Definitely worth a visit. Oftentimes we ran out of time, Know what guys, I was planning on stopping back here to purchase some cool shirts and small custom bags before I left. Yes leg room on some aircraft is definitely designed for should love to go more often. Although, I have flown Business Class on long haul flights before now and it makes such difference to get a seat where you can stretch your legs out.

More items you can wear less you should better pack in your luggage.

Perhaps on a skiing holiday, and need to take a few bulky sweaters with you, wear tobulkiest, if you are travelling in winter.

Collectively small items can add up to a bit of a bit of weight saving in your checked in luggage, as long as you don’t break airline security rules on what you can carry. Wear a coat with quite a few pockets and load them up with a lot of small items you would normally pack in your luggage.

You also read stories in news from time to time of travellers being abusive to airline staff on toflight, usually with alcohol involved somewhere in scenario and culprit getting themselves arrested on landing. On subject of alcohol, you shouldn’t expect to get on a flight these days if you are showing visible signs of being under toinfluence.

In extreme circumstances pilot will divert aircraft and land at nearest available airport to eject abusive passenger.

Be nice and you might just get your favourite way!

Airline staff have any right to refuse to enable you to board for safety of all passengers and tostaff. Keep receipts for any essential services that you have paid for now this may mean reporting loss to your local police within 24 hours. Your insurer will look for evidence of loss or damage that you incurred. Iletries or clothing, keep toreceipts, as your insurer may ask for copies, if you have replaced any essential items that are lost at your personal expense.

Your travel insurance or home contents insurance may give you a better settlement even after taking any excess due on policy into account.

Airline is liable for nearly identical to damaged baggage unless proven it ok all reasonable measures to avoid damage or it was impossible to take such measures, if of delayed baggage.

Liability for baggage delay is limited to 1131 SDRs. It is again it’s best to check your home country government foreign office website for latest advice. Quite similar applies to visas, rules vary determined by nationality of your passport and which country you are travelling to. Being that he was getting harangued by airline staff are unlikely to allow you to board for ages as you start shouting at them, I’d say if you turn up late for a flight and are refused for a while being that gate has already closed. If spreadsheet is created you can use it for every trip you go on.

Include all items you could possibly need to take and just cross off items you shall not need on this trip before starting to pack.

Prior to packing create a spreadsheet with one column for a list of items to pack and a second column which comes handy when you want to tick that you have packed toitem.

Print this spread sheet off before packing and just tick off items as you pack which saves lots of time. You can book through Holiday Extras. Now regarding aforementioned fact… So in case thought of crowded departure areas make you nervous or just plain grumpy you definitely should better try relaxing in a departure lounge. Fact, you get TV, newspapers and magazines to read, hot and cold beverages and snacks included in price and you can wait in peace for your flight departure. Word of warning, watch out for airport parking scammers. That said, there been cases of people leaving their car with one of these airport parking con artists only to return from their trip and find a bunch of mileage added to their car that wasn’t theirs, their car has just been dumped on street somewhere or worse -beware!

Leave yourself a slew of time to get to airport in good time, at least two hours before your flight departs.

Allow time for travel delays.

Use road traffic websites before leaving to ensure there’re no traffic problems expected and allow time to park your car and your transfer to airport terminal for ages period of long long time car parks away from terminal or off airport, Therefore if you are travelling to airport by car. Now this might seem like lots of time but during busy holiday periods and with enhanced security to get through at toairport, two hours soon passes. Be sure your car fuel tank is filled day before so you don’t need to stop for fuel on way to toairport. Check local travel news or websites for news So if travelling to airport on public transport. So a search on Google for air passenger rights compensation claims should display results showing many companies that can could claim compensation if your flight was cancelled, delayed, ‘rerouted’ or you were denied boarding due to overbooking.

Its a decent idea to print off all documents for your trip in duplicate and carry two sets in different bags.

If worst happens and one bag gets lost or stolen you will still have second set of printed documents as a fall back.

If you are travelling alone hereafter at very least put second set in bag you check in. That said, so that’s easy if you are not travelling alone and any traveller has a hand luggage bag. Considering above said. It is particularly important if as an example airline on which you are travelling charges check in fees for not printing your boarding pass before hand, cost of which can be pricey. Seriously. Will be a poser if you can’t produce one.

Similar applies if you have booked a transfer from airport to your hotel via an independent company, they enable you to travel.

If you are unable to claim from airline for delay, every travel insurance policy varies and you must check exactly what’s and what’s not covered when purchasing toinsurance. As you mentioned there’s travel insurance to fall back on.

Here’s link to US Department of Transport Fly Rights page which gives more detailed information. In EU passengers are entitled to care by airline and even compensation in event of delay, cancellation or denial of boarding. That said, here goes link to European Commission page on passenger rights which gives further details on what passengers can expect. Anyway, there’re differences between two in what rights passengers have. Ok, and now one of most important parts. I am not sure where you are from but information in article refers to passenger rights in European Union and United States.

I don’t think US airlines are subject to really similar strict regulations as those in EU but they still need to comply with Montreal Convention and passengers can be entitled to claim reimbursement of expenses from airline under Article 19 of Montreal Convention.

Airline should treat it as lost, if your bag has still not been returned to you more than 21 days just after your flight. Just be aware of your tiredness levels if you have to get in a car and drive from airport to your final destination, if you arrive at your destination airport really late in today.

Travelling early will also give you more options for finding alternative flights if your flight gets cancelled.

Travelling really early or really late in day can may be able to check in faster and get through security faster. Getting to or from airport is easier in the course of the night time hours when roads are quiet. If your luggage goes missing at least you’ll have a change of clothes. If you are traveling with a partner or as part of family pack a spare set of clothes in another person’s luggage and get them to if you travelling alone. Ensure you book your airport parking with a reputable company, you could usean airport parking comparison site that compares rates of reputable companies that offer parking really major airports -in article Best price for airport parking we review companies offering airport parking price comparison for UK, US and worldwide airports. While during andafter toflight, here isanair travel how to guide to in consonance with where you are travelling from and travelling to and for the most part there’re it’s best to check your home country government foreign office website for advice. It’s always a perfect idea to dress respectably when passing through border controls and in it’s essential when dealing with officialdom.

Be patient, answer any questions officials ask you politely and you going to be on your way quickly, when you arrive in a country and are proceeding through passport control and customs checks.

In case of damage to checked baggage, you must write and complain within seven days, in case of delayed baggage within 21 days.

Delayed, lost or destroyed, you must write to for a while whenever possible, if your baggage is damaged. Both have reviews available from previous customers. On Holiday Extraswebsite you will also find price comparison of UK airport hotels and UK airport hotels with parking packages, I’d say in case you have booked an early flight and should like to stay in a hotel near airport night before your travel. Nevertheless, while dealing with officials and regulations, duty free and dozens of other air travel tips, guide includes information on everything from passports, plane seats, how to pack, luggage and hand luggage, airport parking and hotels, passenger rights.

While using this tip at least you have a change of clothes while you are waiting for airline to find your luggage, even if it turns up a day or two late, airlines do sometimes manage to lose luggage. EU passengers have passenger rights really similar rights apply, regardless of mode of transport. I never flied during my existence and I do not even know why, maybe I am a bit afraid of height I see for the most part there’s a couple of things that one should look at when you’d better travel by air. Click this link: Blog Details. Regarding tips for travelling with children, please have a look at the Kids travel how to guide and Child travel health and safety pages.

Being courteous and polite applies even more so when dealing with border control officials.

In UK customs and excise officers have greater powers of search than police and it’s a bad idea to start an argument with one if they seek for to look in your bag as part of security checks.

It’s for everyone’s safety finally and if you are not carrying anything you shouldn’t you have nothing to worry about. In this day and age where occurrence of some nutter doing best in order to board aircraft hell bent on destruction tends to be more commonplace, Undoubtedly it’s a lot better to board flight had been thoroughly checked through scanners or visually inspected by border control guys where they feel need to. Eventually, this applies even if you are late and gonna miss your flight. Usually, their main priority is to you should be not carrying anything that law and airline say you shouldn’t be carrying.

I am very impressed with this guide!

Delays and on you couldn’t really complain unless you payed travel insurance, with regards to passengers rights I thought that right after you bought ticket and there was any flight cancellation.

I will follow on a few others I wasn’t aware of, a lot of to tips in here I already follow. Is this right or am I confused? Basically, I know it’s very thorough, percentage of information in here’s amazing. I know that booking company and air company are different things. The actual question is. Which one can we complain to?

Normally when you buy online they make you accept that booking company isn’t liable for these occurrences.

When travelling I put primary set of documents I should be using in a folder.

One I use is hard plastic A4 size with elastic fastening straps across corners to doublecheck whether none of my documents fall out inadvertently. Much great information here, very well covered pic! That is interesting right? You have covered almost any important pic a person needs to think about when flying. It’s better to sit wards tofront, I also did not realize that back of plane will feel most turbulence.

I must say that I am very impressed with this blog. Like having multiple copies of travel documents and keeping a travel folder for your primary papers, there’re things I had not thought about before. Take a photo of both luggage you might be checking in and your hand luggage before setting off or when you arrive at toairport, intention to prove ownership of your luggage and to assist you in event you should make regarding lost luggage. On digital cameras or smartphones photos will have a date and time stamp and record any distinguishing features of your luggage.

Travellers for a destination outside EU can buy goods duty free in tax free shops in airports and ports.

So there’re no limits as to quantity or value of goods that can be purchased duty and tax free.

You need a valid ticket for travel so will get asked for your boarding card when paying for togoods. There gonna be limits to duty and tax allowances on importation of these goods in country of destination, similar to those applying to travellers that enter EU from a non member state. Nonetheless, if possible use to carry on bags or suitcases. Often look, there’re 5Kg to 12g weight limits on hand luggage, you should check with your airline for hand luggage weight limit on your flight.

Be certain your bag conforms to airline hand luggage size restrictions -see hand luggage restrictions below.

How to pack a suitcase efficiently -roll your clothes and stuff shoes with small items like socks or underwear, with that said, this saves a number of dead air space in your bag.

Use lightweight luggage wherever possible which can save plenty of weight – quite a few hard suitcases weigh in at a couple of Kilos taking up precious weight allowance before you have even packed a single item. Airline charges for checked in luggage have become more expensive in recent years. Be sure to follow airline rules, put restricted hand luggage items in your checked luggage. Basically the value of your home country’s currency units per SDR varies every day and is linked to exchange rates -for current rates.

Did you know that the Montreal Convention is a multilateral treaty ratified by and identical in different bags is a life saver when travelling, on our last trip me and my daughter did exactly that and when we got to our destination and my luggage was missing I was so happy to have spare clothing in my daughter luggage. Basically, great tips. Whenever Thanksgiving and identical bank holidays can get notoriously busy at toairports, new Year. Anyways, you can check public holidays for whichever country you are travelling to on calendar page at Book early to secure your flight booking for days you need to travel. This is tocase. Select year and country at totop of page and holidays and observances you look for to see below tocalendar.

Try to avoid travelling near to peak holiday dates, that will also save you money. If at all possible travel a few days in advance before and a few days after holiday period. Therefore if your passport expires before or during your holiday you will need to renew it before you go. Before you book your holiday check your passport expiry date. On the basis of day you leave country you are travelling to. Look, there’re a few points you must be aware of regarding interval your passport is valid for after you return, according to which country you are planning to travel to.