seo link building Being that the significantly higher effort it should take to earn newshosted backlinks, it’s not viable to rely on only news sources for your entire link building campaign.

While creating a more natural backlink profile, they use a variety of different sources and different links.

They’re also highly diverse, better link building strategies do incorporate high authority sources. You better don’t forget that your link building strategy will require more than just those, go after news sites and make those highauthority links a priority. On p of that, while doing so could actually work against you. Google News is a kind of aggregator that pulls in news stories from all over the world and displays the results for relevant queries using its sophisticated algorithm.

 seo link building There’s a great chance you can be featured in Google News Whether fullblown press releases,, or they’re short blurbs on your press page.

While using Google News is pretty simple, and it can look, there’s a quality checker in place to weed out bad content, you can submit anything you’d like for consideration. It can be beneficial to your strategy, while posting in the comments section of a CNN article ain’t going to build nearly as much authority as being mentioned in the body of a CNN article. Known comments have always been a great way to build links, and you can even use them on major news sites.

Otherwise, you run the risk of being flagged as spam, As with any ‘comment based’ link building, you’ll need to be sure your link is relevant and valuable.

You’ll still have the benefit of getting a feature published in Google News, that can increase your domain authority and send a lot of referral traffic to your website, even if it doesn’t work out.

You’ll have a much higher chance of getting your link picked up by a major news outlet, must already be a part of your ongoing Search Engine promotion strategy.

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About you or your business. By signing up, you’ll get free email notifications whenever a news writer is seeking a contribution from an outside party sometimes it’s a quote or opinion, and sometimes it’s information associated with an industry. That’s right! You’ll get your name, business, and link featured in a major publication, if you provide the information type the reporter is looking for. Loads of us know that there are a few tactics you can use to get your business featured on these highly authoritative sites, it will take a disciplined strategy and a consistent follow through to be successful.


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He aggressively studies trends in all his fields and is both a American and world history student.

Michael has a MBA with concentrations in marketing and information systems and holds a dual bachelor’s degree in both economics and finance.

Michael holds a blackish belt in Tae Kwon Do and was a Olympic hopeful in 1988 for martial arts for the summer games in Seoul. Michael also serves on a diverse quantity of boards and ‘nonprofit’ organizations for international relations, economic development and technology by donating time, money and resources in the areas of marketing, web development and Internet marketing.

Whenever diving and martial arts he delivers engaging, entertaining, and content rich seminars and speeches by weaving information, inspiring stories and appropriate humor gether to create an unforgettable presentation, using his vast knowledge on Internet marketing and business as well as passions for history. Call him day to see how he can was working in Internet marketing, public relations, business development, direct marketing and the CRM industry for over a decade and has worked in a diverse quantity of roles including vice president of business development for an international technology company, eBusiness director, project manager, director of public relations and marketing director. He actively implements or directs Internet marketing projects on a daily basis.