Marketing They allow you to accrue points during your hotel stay. Marketing automation ols like HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, or Salesforce can put a wealth of data reports at your fingertips. By the way I am generally most interested in viewing reports that your website using Alexa, I’d say if you don’t have an existing ol to track backlinks. Actually, quality backlinks are important to website optimization rankings over time. With that said, this points out which of our current pics have garnered the most page views and are, therefore, more gonna engage our audiences. I will often review the content consumption statistics these ols offer, to inform my decisions about what content to create next.

 Marketing Chances are you are tracking your web traffic with an ol like Google Analytics or Omniture.

Mike’s mousetrap example about is a great example.

I think the key to using storytelling successfully is learning how to tell a true story well. To be honest I agree it works when done right! Of course, the NFL may beg to differ on no such thing as bad publicity. Mytholodgy has great storytelling, vaporware is urban legend gone bad. Effective storytelling can use elements from both to enable people to get the look and feel of benefits to be gained. That’s right! This book looks like a perfect read though to I interview Ann Handley, the co author of Content Rules and chief content officer at MarketingProfs providing training and education to empower both large and individual biz marketers. Her newest book is called Everybody Writes. For more info visit this web page: 100. We also review web traffic activity from our target prospect companies.

 Marketing On a weekly basis we review the actual number of times our gated content assets been downloaded, that we can see which pieces are driving the most conversions, as an example. Tracking engagement metrics like open rates, ‘clickthrough’ rates, and tal downloads through your marketing automation ol provides valuable information, as does an analysis of which pieces of content your sales team sends out most often. Monitoring the tal amount of followers your brand has on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare, and all that, can be an ideal gauge on how on target your content strategy is. Tracking vanity metrics from social media can provide some crucial basic insights, if you are just getting started and looking to build awareness. Of course tracking the actual number of social mentions or shares is also essential when your content strategy goals are focused on awareness. Just keep reading. It works! On the business side, To be honest I find that virtually, Social Media Today recently released a list of 50 ols to if you are interested in driving demand.

Take a look at both paid and organic keywords to see which ones are driving better traffic. Although, I need to focus more on storytelling. Seriously. It’s probably amidst the reasons why I’m feeling stuck. Essentially, you can also use resources like Google’s Keyword Tool to uncover which keywords are turning up most frequently in relevant searches, and compare those results to the amount of competition for any keyword to determine top-notch ones to integrate into your editorial plan, from a SERP optimisation standpoint. Known big data is all the rage at this point. Marketers are scrambling to extract value from the 5 quintillion bytes of data that are being created any and almost any day. As a result, this data can lead to insights about buyer intent, customer engagement, content marketing effectiveness, and more.

As a matter of fact, in my last post for Content Marketing Institute I offered 3 ideas on how content marketers can use big data to improve or enhance their content marketing efforts.