Computers Others receive Internet through cable, a broadband connection that operates through TV lines.a lot of writers are happy with using Microsoft Word or Linux as their word processors.

Macs can’t run yWriter just yet, PC’s can run yWriter and Scrivener. This 100 might be a good solution for you.

You’ll have to doublecheck if your computer is compatible with them, I’d say in case you need to use writing software like yriter or Scrivener. You can store even more, with paid memberships. You can also consider saving your work and identical research materials on a cloud drive. Cloud Storage systems like Amazon, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive and Microsoft Skydrive allow you to store from 57GB worth of data for free. Access to Internet is a must for almost any writer nowadays. Fact, it’s not simply as we need Google for our research, or to look up words. Whenever submitting manuscripts, interacting with blog followers, and identical fans of your book will all require use of toInternet, other important parts of writing process just like querying agents.

 Computers You can have 6 backups in the event one of your hard drives croaks, desktops have capacity to store as many as 5 hard drives. It my be ideal to have external hard drives as backups, I’d say if you’ve chosen a laptop for your writing needs. I bring this with me everywhere, and as long as I have access to a computer, To be honest I can also have access to all my novels, research material and even writing software.

On p of this, I actually save all my important documents and media on my WD Passport portable solid state drive. Remember, it can store 1 TB worth of data, It’s just slightly smaller than an actual passport. You’ll spend more time attempting to determine any new program/ computer function than writing. Ok, and now one of most important parts. You all of your computer’s cool features, that you’ll end up forgetting about that novel you’ve been meaning to write, if you are tech savvy.

Whenever buying latest computer model with all awesome new add ons might sound like a dream, Therefore if you’re not savvy with all new tech, it might just end up being a burden to your writing career.

Simplest solution is to go on and look for martial arts demonstration videos so you can write fight sequence more easily.

Your computer has to have a decent videocard and soundcard so you can play videos. You don’t practice it yourself, say your character is supposed to know martial arts. That said, research is made easy by videos, HDD back up and not worry about it turning upside down and getting ruined?